About Kirk

My name is Kirk, and I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (with Economics as a second major) at the University of New Mexico. I am fascinated by questions at the boundary between the two fields, for example: the meaning of the word ‘work’, or “the economics of ethics.” I have spent many hours contemplating philosophy through the lens of the economist and vice versa.

I was a “non-traditional returning student” at UNM, which means I am old. Having been a “Chancellor’s Scholar” in chemistry at the University of California in the early 1980s, I dropped out for a variety of personal and societal reasons. I decided to return to college to study my favorite subjects and complete the long-unfinished degree after a decades-long career in IT in the financial services sector and raising a family. During my time at UNM I was told by students and faculty alike that my ideas and insights are fresh and inspiring, which encourages me to develop them further through this blog.

I make my living as a licensed massage therapist, but I am involved in a myriad of pursuits. I am currently exploring applications of my new knowledge to the solution of contemporary problems.